Our Strategy

Jabez Capital Solution seeks to identify commercial properties for acquisitions, management, and hold or re-sale. These criteria and the acquisitions that they produce reinforce the company’s philosophy of buying undervalued properties that have momentum plays.

Investment Criteria

We source stabilized and value-add apartment properties of 100+ units in size and repositions them by:

1) adding capital improvements and

2) reducing expenses by creating operational efficiencies through the implementation of institutionalized property management.

We either hold the property or if acquired in syndication we typically sell the community as a stabilized asset within five to seven years.

Transaction Size

$2 million to $50 million

Asset Type

C-B+ multi-family properties

90+% occupied assets capable of obtaining long-term debt

Ratios and Exit

Capable of achieving 7-8% cash on cash return at takeover in primary markets, or 8-10% in secondary or emerging markets

A debt coverage ratio of 1.5

3-7 year holds

Target Markets

Primary and emerging markets nationwide



-  The Dave Lindahl Group

-  Valley of the Moon Investment

-  Growth Capital Group

-  Omni RE Assets

-  Solid Door Investments